How to Choose a Good Blog Name

Written By Alex

So you have decided that you are going to start a blog and are about to purchase a domain name. Slow down and take your time! No matter how good you might think that the name is, sometimes mere months later you might realize that you made a mistake. Of course, it is possible to change the name later, but sometimes that can prove to be a hassle.

Read on below as we give you some tips and pointers on how to choose the right name for your blog.

Take Your Time
With any big project, you shouldn’t rush in guns blazing. Be sure to take your time and think about the name of the blog carefully. It is possible to change the name later, but it is best to get the name right the first time.

Changing the name of your blog can have some negative effects. Firstly, it can become confusing for long-time visitors. Rebranding doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t always successful, especially after brand recognition has been established. The second way this could affect your blog negatively is by costing you traffic that you have worked so hard to gain and maintain. If you happen to have a social media account that is associated with your blog, then there is a chance that you will have to build that following all over again.

Short and Sweet
Nobody likes a long title. The longer the title, the faster it will lose its meaning and recognizability. By keeping it short people will easily remember the title of the blog. Brevity will also benefit your blog when it comes to SEO. Normally the title of your blog is included in the title of the post, so the longer your name, the less likely search engines are to find it.

Don’t Be Too Specific
In order to have a successful blog, you need to have a niche that you write about. While a niche is specific, don’t be too specific. For instance, if you are an avid home cook and you incorporate Italian cuisine into the name, then you are limiting yourself and what you post and publish. Instead, think about being a bit more general while still adhering to your niche.

Don’t Use Your Own Name
Using your personal name in the title or domain name can be a bit tricky. Sure, it adds some personality and can be recognizable but unless you are the only person working on and writing in the blog, you should avoid it. Instead, think of something that is catchy and not as personal.

Avoid Numbers and Special Characters
When choosing your blog name, try to stick to using the alphabet. Special characters, hyphens, and other forms of punctuation should be avoided like the plague. They make it more difficult to remember and type in, as well as cause issues with SEO. If you absolutely need to use numbers, make sure the numbers are used in your brand name to avoid any confusion.

Copyright Infringement
Avoid copyright infringement at all costs! Don’t use any established brands or trademarks, no matter how relevant they might be to your blog name and material. Again, naming your blog or website using an established brand can make your niche a bit too narrow and lead to lawsuits, or cost you traffic.

Name Generator
If you are coming up short in the name department but have an idea of what you would like to name your blog, try using a name generator. Simply put in a keyword or idea that your blog deals with and let the computer do the rest. You should get a large list of options for you to choose from. If using AI or a computer isn’t necessarily your thing, then don’t forget the thesaurus! Finding words that are synonymous with your proposed idea is another great way to find a fitting name for your blog.

Ask Around
Don’t forget about your friends and family! Sometimes those around you have some great and clever ideas to help name your blog or website. You can easily have them give you some ideas, or you could ask around to see if the names you have come up with are catchy and clever.

Top-Level Domain
This should be a no-brainer. When it comes to the TLD, you should go with something recognizable. Essentially, the TLD is the suffix at the end of a website address like .com. The most popular and recognized are .com, .net, and .org. Some TLD’s are country-specific, which isn’t a bad idea. Unless there is a clear reason why you are opting to pick something different, try to stick with .com.

You might have spent hours brainstorming to come up with the best name possible and come to find that it is in use. As frustrating as this may be, a lot of the sites you can purchase domain names from will offer alternatives that are similar to what you are looking for. Another strategy is to change the TLD in case you are absolutely sure that you NEED that specific domain name.

What Are Your Goals?
Have an idea in mind of what you want to accomplish with your blog. Make sure that the name of your blog aligns with the values and goals that you hope to accomplish when creating and publishing content. If you stray away from this with your posted articles and writing, then it could end up going nowhere and be a lot of work with little to no payoff.

Style and Voice
Finally, when settling on your blog name and what kind of content you are going to be posting, you need to consider style and voice. This is contingent upon your target audience as well as material. This goes without saying, but your style and voice should also reflect the name that you have chosen for your blog as well.

Starting a blog can be easy, but doing it right takes a lot of careful thought and planning. Use our tips above to make the most out of your little corner of the internet!

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