Empire Flippers Alternative for Buying and Selling your Online Business

Written By Alex

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a website or domain name linked to an online business, there are several viable options available. Depending on your needs and budget or asking price, you have several choices for websites that specialize in connecting buyers and sellers of domain names. Read more below about some of the best and most popular sites for purchasing or selling a website.

Why Looking for an Empire Flippers Alternative?

Empire Flippers is the most popular website that people turn to when buying or selling an online business. Empire Flippers vets all submissions and rejects a majority of websites that they are sent. This makes it tough for sellers to make the listings, but ensures buyers are purchasing only the highest quality websites and domains.

1. Motion Invest

If you have a budget of less than $30,000, then Motion Invest is a great marketplace to check out. Like Empire Flippers, they also rigorously vet their submissions to ensure that buyers have access to excellent quality sites. One feature that Motion Invest gives buyers is information about metrics over the previous 10 months.

2. Sedo

Sedo is a wonderful website that has millions of users from around the globe. Sedo puts both the buying and selling parties in direct contact to simplify the whole process. In addition to being a marketplace for domain names, they offer several other services. If you are selling your website, they will appraise it for free. Sedo also offers domain parking, which is another way to make a few extra bucks here and there!

3. Warrior Forum

In addition to being a forum for marketers and entrepreneurs, Warrior Forum is a great place to buy and sell a website. This site was founded in 1997 and has remained extremely active since its initial inception. Users can click around and find a forum related to buying and selling a site, or simply start your own conversation.

4. Investors.club

Investors.club is a new online marketplace for buying and selling your website or domain. Investors.club, like its name implies, requires a membership; but don’t let that discourage you. Membership is free, but buyers have to prove that they have at least $10,000. This sounds like a hassle, but this is so that sellers are put in contact with legitimate buyers. They also offer services that take care of the legal aspect of things, provide buyers with a SWOT analysis, as well as growth opportunities.

5. Ebay

Ebay has forever been the site to buy and sell pretty much anything. While this is an available option that reaches a large audience, it might not be the best. Unlike the previously mentioned sites and marketplaces, Ebay doesn’t have the same services and functionalities as the others.

6. Exchange Marketplace

If you are familiar with Shopify and it’s easy to use platform, then you should check out Exchange Marketplace. This site is powered by Shopify and just as easy to use. On Exchange Marketplace, users are able to find plenty of sites for sale or even post their own. They also provide information regarding the metrics for the sites for sale to make sure that buyers are informed about the domains they are interested in purchasing.

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