Buy and Sell Websites: Sharing the Best Marketplace Websites

Written By Alex

Buyers or sellers all want the same thing—to get a good deal and make a profit. Buying a highly valued website or web app is one way to earn a rapid income, while selling a successful website or app is guaranteed to get you some fast cash.

Whether you’re the owner of a website/app and wanting to sell or looking to buy an established successful site/app, this article lists three of the top online marketplaces in which to do so. Let’s take a look!

1. Flippa

One well-established open marketplace that allows you to buy or sell online businesses is Flippa. This marketplace showcases websites, mobile apps, domains, advert services, etc.

Firstly, if you’re a buyer, Flippa lists online businesses that you can either bid on or buy instantly. It also shows these businesses’ net profit and how they generate income (i.e., their monetization strategy). Plus, if a product piques your interest, you can set a tracker on it.

Flippa allows you to filter available products according to category and price—perfect if you have a set budget you need to stick to.

A word of caution: Flippa doesn’t verify the information provided on the listed businesses; the onus lies on the buyer. You can contact the seller directly to ask questions and request further verification (Flippa provides the means to do this).

For those wishing to sell using Flippa, the site provides a valuation tool, allowing you to calculate your app or website’s price worth. And as Flippa is a popular marketplace with thousands of potential investors viewing it every month, you’ll be sure to make a quick, lucrative sale.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is another popular and reputable online marketplace for selling websites or apps. Since 2013, Empire Flippers has sold millions of dollars’ worth of websites, earning its reputation as a reliable place for quickly getting a good deal.

Unlike Flippa, sellers have to go through a process of verification before being allowed to list their business on the marketplace. This process significantly reduces the risk to buyers by ensuring that only authentic, verified websites or apps are available for sale.

Like Flippa, you can search for your preferred online businesses by niche or genre. Plus, you can filter results according to price range, allowing you to find the perfect websites or apps for your particular budget.

3. FE International

If you’re looking to buy or sell e-commerce, SaaS, or content development websites, FE International is arguably the ideal online marketplace. Each month, thousands of potential buyers and investors view FE International’s listings, and you can take advantage of this significant traffic.

FE International isn’t the best place to be looking if you’re on a tight budget, as the listed websites tend to have high valuations. However, if you aim to invest a lot of cash in a credible online business, then this marketplace is the perfect place to start.

The website lists websites available for sale along with their description, how much they’re worth annually, and their asking price.

FE International, however, differs from Flippa and Empire Flippers in that it’s a closed marketplace, linking verified sellers (who pay for this service) with qualified buyers. Their merger and acquisition system is strict, with its business managers working to help website sellers find serious buyers. Once a deal has been closed, these business managers are paid for their services.

Online Business Purchases and Sales: Potential for Profit

Reasons for selling a website or app vary from seller to seller. One reason may be that the online business has become too costly to maintain for that individual. Sometimes the seller simply needs to generate some income quickly. If the website has a high valuation and is already well-established, then this can be an extremely profitable investment for a potential buyer. Many buyers are looking to purchase ready-made websites or apps with a loyal user base that have already started generating revenue.

However, even if an existing website or app appears to be doing well, like any investment, buying or selling one can be risky. As either the buyer or seller, it makes sense to carry out a feasibility evaluation to help decide if a purchase or sale is worth the risk.

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